Des Moines Municipal Service Center

Des Moines Municipal Services Center Aerial View

Name: Richard A. Clark Municipal Service Center
Location: Des Moines, Iowa
Date: June 2013 – December 2014
Architect: Neumann Monson

Cunningham, Inc. provided a total mechanical system at the new Des Moines Municipal Service Center over a period of 18 months. This project had a variety of equipment to be implemented throughout the 88,000 sq. ft. building, which had to work together to provide a LEED Certified end-product.

The center has a Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) heating and cooling system, which allows heating to occur in one area or room, while cooling occurs simultaneously in another. This system required 120 tons of VRF condensing units, with 7 BC Controllers and 47 VRF Fan Coil Units. The VRF system is coupled with hydronic radiant floor conditioning in 8 zones to regulate the temperatures in large office areas and smaller rooms, adjustable to personal requirements. The utilization of (Ductsox) fabric duct allows for even air distribution, whilst maintaining the building’s architectural beauty.

Air quality here is provided by an Energy Recovery Unit (ERV). This air handling unit exchanges air between the offices, breakroom, conference rooms, and reception area. This conditions the outside air for inside the building, necessary for providing good quality and safe air for employees.

There are multiple systems working together in the large truck bay area to provide safe air for employees working in and round this area. A sophisticated control system monitors the air quality, particularly for the presence of CO2 and NO2. When these levels rise, the Make Up Air Unit (MAU) is triggered, and interlocking exhaust fans at the other end of the building remove toxic air to be replaced with fresh air. Heating in the bay is provided by 12 overhead gas radiant tube heaters, while air is dispersed evenly from the 2-storey high ceiling down to the work area via 8 strategically placed de-stratification fans. The truck bay features a 2,100 gallon water reservoir, which captures the rain water from the roof drains and is used by the city to water plants. Around the truck bay on the ground floor are rooms with varying functions and requirements including, but are not limited to, paint booth, traffic systems, carpentry, an electric shop, and a welding shop.

To ensure the underground piping didn’t interfere with the numerous geo-piers, we had our CAD team develop 3D drawings. The length of refrigeration piping used here is in excess of 13, 200ft, and Cunningham, Inc. came up with custom pre-fabricated plumbing fixture batteries in the restrooms.

12 hydronic solar panels on the roof provide supplemental heat for domestic water and the radiant in-floor heating. A high efficiency boiler provides hot water to the shower/locker areas with the added efficiency of a plate to plate heat exchanger, which also uses the heat collected by the solar panel bank.

Cunningham, Inc. is proud to have its name attached to the Des Moines Municipal Services Center.