Newton High School

Newton High SchoolNewton High School

Name : Newton High School

Location : Newton, Iowa

Architect : Frevert Ramsey Kobes/ KJWW Engineers

Award Won : 2002 ABC of Iowa Excellence in Construction Awards

The new addition is a 58,284 square foot, block building with steel joists and a pre­cast second floor. The HVAC contract amount was $889,000 with a 2 year completion date. Cunningham, Inc. did 100% of the HVAC while L.A. Fulton did 100% of the piping and plumbing.

Construction began in the spring of 2000 with the groundwork done by the general contractor, Denis Della Vedova, Inc. When Newton began summer break, we remodeled the shop classes by adding 5 make-up air units and one rooftop unit for cooling these areas. A great deal of work needed to be completed before the students and faculty came back to school. With hard work, we completed the area on time so the students could use the shop areas for the 2000-2001 school year.

The summer of 2001 would be the busiest time of the project. We placed 10 people to work on the new addition and complete a phase in the existing building before school began. We had 3,200 hours of work to accomplish in 2 1/2 months. Russ Stockdale was our supervisor on site and did an excellent job keeping everything on schedule and completing tasks on time.

The last phase of the job was the remaining remodeling while school was in session. The faculty, students and workers really did a good job considering everyone’s needs to get schoolwork and the remodeling done. We had to work nights to get certain aspects of the project that would’ve been too loud during the school day. The 2001-­2002 school year remodel was a challenge for all.

The project was completed on May 2002 with new offices, classrooms and a new HVAC system. We hope the students, faculty, and administration appreciate the facility that they have and the hard work that went into this project. We want to thank KJWW – Mechanical Engineers and Frevert Ramsey Kobes – Architects for a job well done.