Waukee High School

Waukee High SchoolWaukee High SchoolWaukee High SchoolWaukee High School

Name : Waukee High School

Location : Waukee, Iowa

Date : October 20011 – August 2012 (projected)

Architect : FRK Architects and Engineers

Cunningham, Inc. has provided a complete HVAC system installation for a new 73,000 square foot addition and 40,000 square foot renovation for the Waukee High School located at 555 University Avenue in Waukee, IA. The work began in October of 2011 and is projected to finish in August of 2012.

The new system incorporates the installation of new Air Handling Units, VAV systems, and Energy Recovery Units. The tempered air for the new gymnasium is evenly distributed overhead by large exposed spiral pipe and diffusers. The internal liner of the ductwork is an Armaflex, closed cell product that eliminates the use of fiber glass insulation inside the air stream providing a quiet and cleaner air distribution. The renovation efforts to the existing building replaced older rooftop equipment with new, higher efficiency products.

We are also incorporating the use of new, ultra quiet ductless mini split systems for numerous data rooms throughout the building offering essential protection to high heat producing sound and data equipment. A new exhaust and make-up-air system has been added to the kitchen area as well to meet the needs required to provide daily cooking needs.