Iowa Speedway

  • Iowa Speedway
    Iowa Speedway Grandstand

Name : Iowa Speedway – Suites Building

Location : Newton, Iowa

Date : May 2006 – September 2006

Architect : Paxton Waters Architecture

Award : 2006 ABC of Iowa Excellence in Construction Awards

Each of these areas was like working on a separate project. They each have their own rooftop units (32 total), duct system and control system. Also, each one even has its own door to outside the building and no connecting doors between.

Coordination and efficiency were at the forefront; with so many trades needing to perform in the same areas simultaneously. This required us to work from both ends and meet in the middle on many of the duct runs. Not the preferred installation procedure, but it was necessary to accommodate the tight schedule. Our extensive use of 3-D modeling and layout helped iron out many of the obstacles long before our field personnel were physically on the site. One area where our preplanning showed its benefits was when we were able to crane and set all 32 roof top units in one 8-hour day.

The tight time frame was the largest hurdle on this project.
The building consists of:

  • 4th floor (timing, radio, TV, announcing and scoring)
  • 2nd & 3rd floors (26 luxury suites)
  • 1st floor (The Newton club)
  • 4-story restroom tower